Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beijing smog fazes Olympic cameras

Yes once again I step up and say something. What is wrong with the IOC (International Olympic Committee)? I will sue them and the Goverment of China if my Sister returns to the US with respiratory issues. The air quality has not gotten better. It is bad enough that there are considerations of cancelation of endurance events. The government in China has made it illegal to bring in independant air quality test systems.
Journalists access to the internet are being restricted. Why does the government over there wish to control the truth?

BEIJING -- After years of preparations for the Olympics, Beijing is ready for its close-up. But how clear a view the cameras will get is anyone's guess, given the local air quality.
Media in other countries carried shots of Beijing taken over the weekend, showing smog so thick that visibility was restricted to just a couple of hundred yards. Beijing has already spent $17.5 billion to deal with the pollution, to no avail. Authorities say the haze is normal for the city at this time of year and has nothing to do with pollution.
Some athletes are worried; world record holder Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia pulled out of the marathon because he suffers from asthma.
But Du Shaozhong, deputy director of Beijing's Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said, "The air quality in Beijing during the Olympic Games will not affect the health of athletes.
"A blue sky doesn't mean the air quality is good. If you take a shower, you can't see clearly because of the steam, but it doesn't mean it's pollution," he said, adding that photographs were not a good indication of air quality.
"The Intl. Olympic Committee and its medical commission have concluded that good air quality is fully guaranteed," said Du.
Jacques Rogge, head of the Intl. Olympic Committee, said poor air quality could result in the suspension of endurance races such as long-distance cycling and the marathon. It's not clear exactly how bad the air would have to be for an event to be canceled.
It's forbidden to bring in measuring equipment to independently verify air quality. But Beijing is taking no chances: Organizers are preparing emergency measures to clear the air before the Aug. 8 start of the Games. "We will implement an emergency plan 48 hours in advance if the air quality deteriorates," Li Xin, a senior engineer with the environmental bureau, told the China Daily newspaper.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It has been awhile

Since I posted but only because I have been busy over at It is tiring work keeping her site up. But here is the skinny. She made the Olympic Team as well did our family friend Lorree Smith. You Go LADIES!!! in any case I have been working on my own to try and get over there but it may be too prohibitive cost wise. In any case Amber will not be on her own. Dad and StepMom are going as well as D.C. Good deal.

Other thoughts.....
Jesse Jackson thanks but your time is up go home. I know your Mamma told you that if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.
Bush just stop now and end your presidency quietly. You and your Oil Buddies have made enough money. If you wish to open up Drilling near the US. The no one gets rich off of that gas all US citizens should get it for $1.35 a gallon.

China good job at shooting your self in the foot. Starting with making it hard to get Visa's. Making your Hotels so ridiculously expensive and then this from

Musicians in Beijing have gone into hibernation this summer as live
performances have been stopped in bars, a music festival canceled and clubs
suddenly told they need a live performance license.
The South China
Post reported Friday that the crackdown on bars included police
forcing bar
managers in the popular Sanlitun district to sign agreements
pledging not to
allow black people into bars during the Olympic Games, as
well as other
"undesirable" elements.
But local authorities and bar
managers denied the

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