Thursday, September 25, 2008

20 minutes on

Today was 20 minutes. Slowly but surely the saddle will be less painful.  But I worked up a sweat and now it is time for a little body work.  Wish I had a heavy bag here in the garage, maybe I will find one and a stand on Craigslist. Anyway until next time which will probably be Saturday unless I can get up and ride before work on Friday.

Whoa. Mountain bike tires are loud.

Loud enough that I had to turn up the speakers on my little movie set up. I am sure that people are wondering what mayhem I am creating in the garage. Explosions screams and gunshots..... almost like a spin class on Red Bull. Anyway another 15 minutes in, stuck in gear 4 but making progress. Legs are burning as well as the core it is harder to stay balanced on a bike that is not really moving. Will put up a picture of the set up later.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hi Yesterday was the first day

Of Biking on a trainer. If you don't know what a bike trainer is just look it up. It is pretty cool. I got the idea from a friend who watches TV while on a trainer. Of course SHE is able to go much farther and longer on the trainer than I can. She has lots of practice on bikes being a triathelete and all. But for me riding a bike is difficult and painfull, and the thought of riding outside or in the gym is daunting. It's daunting mostly because well have you ever seen the bear at the circus riding the little bike. Well that's sort of the image that I think of when I throw a leg over and start pedaling. I am also very concerned about hitting a bump and losing the seat of the bike. That is not an emergency room visit that I would like to make.
But yesterday I got on and rode for 15 minutes. Today I will go for another 15 minutes. Tomorrow I will strive for 20 minutes. And so on. I will let you, my great fans know how it goes.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I Know it has been awhile

Sorry I have been away for a while. I have been managing if you did not know now you do. SHE MADE THE OLYMPIC TEAM!!!! SHE WENT TO BEIJING!!!! SHE NOW HOLDS A MAJOR RECORD FOR US WOMEN!!!!

Anyway today on Facebook I posted.  "What happened to the end of the innocence? And what does Don Henley have to do with it?"  That is a question about a lot of things.  My own state of mind and the world.  McCaine has a VP candidate that does not know what the Vice President does everyday.  Now her 17 year old daughter is pregnant.... whoa!!!  Boy I hope that the father is not over 18 that could be trouble.

Anyway.  Things are things and it is tough to communicate with some of the people that you love.  Some times it is frustrating.

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