Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today is Grand Theft Auto IV Day!!!

Hello my name is Brian and I am an addict.
My addiction is to video games. I could quit anytime I want to and for several years in College I did quit. I did not own a video game system during those years. But now I have several of them back in my life. And today I picked up just another vial of that sweet nector call a game disc.

Grand Theft Auto IV is not for kids. It has a mature rating sticker on it. It is illegal to sell it to someone younger than 17. So if there are kids playing it someone of consent age gave it to them. So when that child who may not know the difference between real and fantasy acts out in a few years. Don't ask how could that happen to my child? Ask why did I let him or her play that game? Why did I give in to buying them that game? Why did I fail in parenting? And to that parental group that is complaining about the game, well here is what CNN.com says.
The premise of the Grand Theft Auto series is controversial,
with characters who are underworld criminals armed to the teeth, but that's also
part of the game's appeal.
"Controversy does sell, but it is targeted to an older audience," said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at market research firm Jupiter Research. "It is not geared to children."
GTA 4 has a "Mature" rating, meaning it is intended for users 17 years old or older. The game's label warns of blood, intense violence, partial nudity, strong language, strong sexual content, use of alcohol, and use of drugs.
Get over it. It has a Mature rating. Only adults that can make decisions for themselves should be playing it. Perhaps only adults that can pay for the game system and a copy of the game should be playing it.
As for me. I got mine and tonight I plan on CarJacking alot of people from the safety of my living room.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Just who in the world does that person think they are? The D&D where I get my morning coffee is on a city corner in Lowell which means street parking and meters. Do you think that people actually park in the parking space? NO!!! It seems that some residents of Lowell, or just Massholes in general, think that when you park at a meter you are supposed to park right next to the meter. Now I don't mean that you should park 20 feet away. I mean right next to the meter so you could feed the meter without getting out of your car. Now for the uninitiated or motor vehiclely challenged meters should either be at one end of your car front or back. NOT NEXT TO THE DRIVERS SIDE DOOR!!! Just yesterday I saw a woman take two spots because she would not move into the proper place. I think that the majority of people that drive should go back to driver's ed.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Why write on something.

That is not YOURS!!!!

On 4/18/08 I was in DD (Those of you in the "Know" know exactly what I am talking about) and on top of the trash can was some girls name. Obviously written while that person was waiting in line. That is VANDALISM!!! Is it a lack of parenting that this person suffered from? Or did they feel that the world is their notebook.
Yesterday as I was ready to pull out of my garage I notice someone had written on the wood surrounding my parking area.
"Jaime Sucks"
Apparently Jaime is a local easy girl. And the person who is advertising for her is a horrible artist. I don't know why some child decided that it would be a good place to write and draw. I really want to go to their house and draw on the walls and the TV. See how it feels. Little bad kids. I want them off the property and someone said that it would be very bad for me to start growing poison ivy around the place.
I just want the parents of the world to start teaching their children right from wrong and to be respectful of others. Is that so much. Will Obama, Hillary, or John hear my plea? Will they do what is necessary to get the parents back at home?
I guess we will see. Me I am taking donations so that I can buy and Island because this place is screwed up.
Peace I am out

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do you believe in fortune cookies?

I had two fortune cookies today.
The first one said. "Your Love of life with carry you through any circumstance."
The second one said. "The Star of riches is shining upon you."


WHoo Hooo!!!
Do you owe or are you waiting for a FAT Check from the Government. Well don't we all owe something. Anyway interesting read this morning out of Sen. John McCain's camp. He suggests a temporary suspension of the Fed Tax on Gas from Memorial Day to Labor Day. That would allow for a reduction in most cases to below $3.00/gal. That would be excellent. Although those that are close and have heard my pitches for my own Presidential run. I would reduce the Gas Tax (Federal and State) to the first 6 Gallons of gas or every other Gallon of gas purchased. So if you have a 17 Gallon tank like I have, you would only pay tax on 8 gallons. This would allow for a reduction in overall costs to the tax payer and still allow the Government to get some revenue.

Link to the story above.
Now some people believe that this Idea is stupid and that doing so means that our road ways will suffer. HAVE YOU REALLY SEEN OUR ROADWAYS!! They are a joke. Crappy jobs done by road crews that ensure that they will be back next year on the same patch of road. I have to travel 495 in Mass every day and have for the last 8 years and every year they are repaving it. You don't see that on the Mass Pike.

Anyway make sure that you are registered to vote and let's look at making some changes to our leadership structure.

I will step off of the Soapbox now.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Today is the day before DREADED TAX DAY

Monday morning in Beantown. Beautiful day, sunny warm and looking to be a promising day. How odd that tomorrow is a day that most American's Dread. April 15th- Tax Day. Everyone needs to pay their taxes, but there really needs to be a serious look at what we are paying taxes for. Are we all paying taxes appropriately or are some paying to much and others too little? Can you say that the Government is a little too bloated and easy spending with our money. I suggest one little thing to raise more revenue without raising our taxes.
Perhaps that is a little too strong. However if you look at some of the moves that major corporations have made in the name of getting cheaper goods. They have cost us more than we saved. Lets start with the toys from China imported into the US with ridiculous levels of LEAD. Those toys were cheap to make yet cost the tax payer money on the front and back end. On top of that a few kids got sick.
The blood thinning drug imported that was found to be manufactured at an unapproved supplier.... WOW that could have killed me. I was on blood thinners a few years ago.
Let's understand that goods no longer made in America maybe made cheaper in other countries but it is no good if we can't afford them here because we have no jobs.
I will step down of my soap box now. HAVE A GOOD MONDAY!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

AmberCampbellthrow has been launched

Today I finished Amber's Blog page. I think that it will be helpful for her to broadcast her thoughts and allow people to keep up with her. Check it out at http://www.Ambercampbellthrows.blogspot.com

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Today I saw a Smoker driving a Prius Hybrid

I thought that people that drove Prius Hybrids were pretty hip on saving the planet from Pollution. And then I saw him/her flick ashes off of a cigarette out the window of their lovely little Prius. NOT SO EARTHY CRUNCHY IS IT!

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