Saturday, November 15, 2008

11 Days after our new President has been elected.

I am very proud of President Elect Obama.  He and his team along with a numbers of supporters of American's in our country have helped break the glass barrier.  It shows not just African Americans but all Americans that there is nothing that you can not do.  I am very sad to hear about the racial attacks and malicious acts of vandalism because some people who are not ready to deal with the world moving on. 
There are people who think that their entire way of life is going to change because the new President is not White.  The way of life that their forefathers, who built this country, started.  To them I will remind them of just a few items of history and then a little bit of Civics.
1.  The ForeFather's that they so hold up so high.  Committed a form of treason against the government.
2. Those ForeFather's families are all from somewhere else.
3. They did not so much as build rather than supervise the work of African's brought to this country against their will.
4. The President is not a Dictator, the Government is build on checks and balances. So the  President needs to get full support of the Congress, the Congress can't make a law that is unconstitutional thanks to the Supreme Court.
So get over it.  The new President is not going to send the Army to your house to take your Guns.  Your children are not going to suddenly be held back because of the color of their skin. 
All this means is everyone Black, White, Yellow, and Purple are going to have to do better. You are going to have to work harder because there is no BLAMING anyone else.
So leave the children alone. Stop burning churches and making the rest of the world see us as not as advanced as we think we are.  Remember there is the fact that we are ALL Human.  We are all one.

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