Thursday, May 15, 2008

I think I created a Monster

A Monster that spits the truth faster than Twista spits ryhmes. When I say this I am refering to my man Fifty Gran RNyce over at Packers Blitz . Droppin Knowledge or his point of view as only an educated Old School Cat can do. Preciate your words. Keep reading.

On to my week. This week we had an update over at Amber just returned from a meet at the site of this years Olympic trials. Head over to ambercampbellthrows to see how she did.

I for one had to rearrange my weekend. On of my GOOD friends is getting her Masters Degree this weekend and due to the Gas and an unexpected repair to da Blazer I can not responsibly go. But YOU GO GIRL!!! You did it I am very proud of you.

So the latest of "you reap what you sow" has hit the news again. Perhaps you remember a year ago a promising young surfer was beaten to death in La Jolla California by several young men. Well those young men had no remorse or care that they caused someones death. I am pretty sure that their parents were saying "Not My Kid" well sorry but it was your kid and you do know why. Even if they do not want to admit why it is because you coddled your kid. You and the groups of parents all over this nation gave these kids the attitude of "entitlement". Parents that spent more time expecting the teachers to parent their children rather than doing it themselves. Parents who said there can be no losers in sports and that everyone had to win. You all created these lazy usless kids that don't care if they graduate and get a real job. Because the job will be waiting right there for me when I want it and I will make $100k a year to start.

Wow sorry rambling post. Will be more cohesive later.

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