Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peace Month is almost over

Why is that? Let's increase the Peace and let a little U.N.I.T.Y. Reign for a little longer.
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So what is on my mind....Kids today. This past weekend I saw first hand the insolence and complete lack of respect that kids today have for adults. You know if I had acted in the manner in which several young boys did, to me this weekend, I would still be looking for my teeth 4 days later. What's with kids thinking that they own something. Unless you have a hit record out or a movie/television show or are the sole inheritor of a vast sum of money you can not possibly own a house at 12. I am pretty sure that after kicking the kids out of a yard that they threw something at me. It was pretty lucky for everyone that I did not see it happen because they would be in the hospital and I would be in jail.

Kids in movies.... Babies and toddlers should not be in any movie that is rated higher than G. I have now 5 free movie tickets that I wish that the parents would have had to pay for because they wanted to see "Iron Man" and "Indiana Jones" so bad they did not want to get a baby sitter. Pre-teens and teenagers need to SHUT UP!!!

That is my rant. Happy Wednesday. I am off to see Duran Duran tonight.
Peace we are all one

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