Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fear Not Loathing in the USA

So today on CNN.com there is an article that says Americans Fear gas shortages more than the higher cost of gas.
So I think we should look at why we are using so much more gas today than in the late 70's. All I can say is that most of our commutes have gotten much longer to get from where we live to home. In order to have nicer homes with more amenities we have had to move farther away from the major metropolitan areas. With that in most cities the mass transit organizations have not stayed in line with these moves. For instance in order to take mass transit from my home in Lowell to my office in Framingham I would need to take a bus to the trainstation in Lowell. Then I would need to get on the commuter rail into Boston's North Station. Get off of the train and catch the subway to Boston's South Station. Get on another Commuter Rail to Framingham. Get on a regional bus to the edge of the office park and walk to my office. While you think that that would be great and worth it. What it saves me in Gas would cost me dearly in time. I would have to leave my house before 5 AM to get to work at 9 AM. So that is 4 hours of travel time one way. So I would have to travel the same amount of time that I work everyday. And that would leave me only 8 hours to sleep.

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