Tuesday, April 15, 2008


WHoo Hooo!!!
Do you owe or are you waiting for a FAT Check from the Government. Well don't we all owe something. Anyway interesting read this morning out of Sen. John McCain's camp. He suggests a temporary suspension of the Fed Tax on Gas from Memorial Day to Labor Day. That would allow for a reduction in most cases to below $3.00/gal. That would be excellent. Although those that are close and have heard my pitches for my own Presidential run. I would reduce the Gas Tax (Federal and State) to the first 6 Gallons of gas or every other Gallon of gas purchased. So if you have a 17 Gallon tank like I have, you would only pay tax on 8 gallons. This would allow for a reduction in overall costs to the tax payer and still allow the Government to get some revenue.

Link to the story above.
Now some people believe that this Idea is stupid and that doing so means that our road ways will suffer. HAVE YOU REALLY SEEN OUR ROADWAYS!! They are a joke. Crappy jobs done by road crews that ensure that they will be back next year on the same patch of road. I have to travel 495 in Mass every day and have for the last 8 years and every year they are repaving it. You don't see that on the Mass Pike.

Anyway make sure that you are registered to vote and let's look at making some changes to our leadership structure.

I will step off of the Soapbox now.

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