Friday, April 18, 2008

Why write on something.

That is not YOURS!!!!

On 4/18/08 I was in DD (Those of you in the "Know" know exactly what I am talking about) and on top of the trash can was some girls name. Obviously written while that person was waiting in line. That is VANDALISM!!! Is it a lack of parenting that this person suffered from? Or did they feel that the world is their notebook.
Yesterday as I was ready to pull out of my garage I notice someone had written on the wood surrounding my parking area.
"Jaime Sucks"
Apparently Jaime is a local easy girl. And the person who is advertising for her is a horrible artist. I don't know why some child decided that it would be a good place to write and draw. I really want to go to their house and draw on the walls and the TV. See how it feels. Little bad kids. I want them off the property and someone said that it would be very bad for me to start growing poison ivy around the place.
I just want the parents of the world to start teaching their children right from wrong and to be respectful of others. Is that so much. Will Obama, Hillary, or John hear my plea? Will they do what is necessary to get the parents back at home?
I guess we will see. Me I am taking donations so that I can buy and Island because this place is screwed up.
Peace I am out

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