Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Just who in the world does that person think they are? The D&D where I get my morning coffee is on a city corner in Lowell which means street parking and meters. Do you think that people actually park in the parking space? NO!!! It seems that some residents of Lowell, or just Massholes in general, think that when you park at a meter you are supposed to park right next to the meter. Now I don't mean that you should park 20 feet away. I mean right next to the meter so you could feed the meter without getting out of your car. Now for the uninitiated or motor vehiclely challenged meters should either be at one end of your car front or back. NOT NEXT TO THE DRIVERS SIDE DOOR!!! Just yesterday I saw a woman take two spots because she would not move into the proper place. I think that the majority of people that drive should go back to driver's ed.

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